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Adjust your personal account settings


  • Smartsheet

You can use the Personal Settings dialog to view and manage the following:

  • Your personal profile details
  • Settings for auto-save, communication, time zone, and language
  • Notification preferences
  • Settings for connected mobile devices, apps, and API information

View and edit your personal settings

  1. On the Navigation Bar, select Account
  2. Select Personal Settings.
  3. In the Personal Settings dialog, select any of these tabs to adjust your personal settings:
    • Profile
    • Settings
    • Notifications
    • My Mobile Devices
    • Apps
    • API Access

Read on to learn more about how you can use each tab. 

Using the Personal Settings options


Go to the Profile tab to do the following:

To change your password

  1. Select Change Password
  2. In the Change Password dialog, enter the following:
    • Your current password
    • Your new password
    • Confirmation of your new password
  3. Select Save.

The next time you sign in to Smartsheet, use the new password.

You can also reset your password from the Smartsheet login page.

Learn more about managing your personal profiles.

Manage email addresses

Your account can have one primary email address. That primary email address is what you'll use when you sign in to Smartsheet or to Resource Management. It’s also where you’ll receive email notifications. 

You can also have multiple alternate email addresses, which you can use for sharing sheets, sending update requests, and adding to groups.

Learn more about managing email addresses.


Go to the Settings tab to modify the following:

  • Auto-save settings 
  • Communication preferences
  • Time zone
  • Regional preferences
Edit your auto-save settings

Select either of these options or both:

  • Auto-save after [x] minute of inactivity: Select this option to have Smartsheet automatically save any edits on an item you have open. You can also set when the app will auto-save your edits. For example, you set it to auto-save after 1 minute of inactivity. The app will auto-save edits as long as you haven't clicked or typed anywhere within the Smartsheet app for 1 minute.
  • Auto-save my changes when I leave a sheet, report, or dashboard: Select this option to have Smartsheet automatically save any edits when you leave a sheet, report, or dashboard.

You can't undo saved actions.

Identify your communication preferences 
  • Show Smartsheet Bulletins and Home User Education: When you select this option, a banner will appear at the top of Smartsheet. It will display information about new features, upcoming training in your area, or other product-related news. 
    You can’t opt out of displaying important messages such as scheduled downtime for maintenance.
  • Show What's New Screens: Get in-app notifications showing what is new in the application.
  • Show Suggested Actions: Allow Smartsheet to recommend an action you can do in the sheet. 
  • Send me Product Update News: Receive email notification when new features are released to Smartsheet, and to receive periodic tips and information during a 30-day trial.
Adjusting your time zone

The selected time zone ensures that timestamps, scheduled emails, and other time-based actions reflect your time zone. 

Learn more about how Smartsheert handles time zones.

Choose your regional preferences

In the Regional Preferences section, select your region and preferred language. The option you select in this section determines your default date and number formats (comma or decimal). 

Smartsheet is currently available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish


Configure how you receive information about notifications.

My Mobile Devices

To connect a mobile device to your Smartsheet account, install the Smartsheet for iOS or Smartsheet for Android app. Then sign in to your Smartsheet account. 

After connecting a mobile device to your Smartsheet account, you’ll see it listed in this tab. 

If you want to revoke access from a device, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the device name in this tab.
  2. Select revoke.


Explore our app gallery to learn how you can connect Smartsheet with your favorite apps. Existing connections will be listed here.

API Access

Licensed users on Business and Enterprise plans use this tab to:

  • Generate an API access token, and
  • Review and revoke existing access tokens.

Learn more about generating an API key.

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