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Generate an API key

If you’re a licensed user, you can use the Smartsheet API to access and manage your organization's Smartsheet account and data.


  • Business
  • Enterprise


Smartsheet now uses 37-character API keys. Your 26-character API keys will still work. However, it’s a good idea to update your existing keys to take advantage of the additional security.


To generate an API key

  1. On the left Navigation Bar, select Account.
  2. Select Apps & Integrations.
  3. In the Personal Settings form, select API Access.
  4. In the API Access tab, select Generate new access token. You must copy and store this key somewhere safe. For security reasons, it will not be visible again in your account settings.
    • You can also revoke existing tokens in this tab. 

Need more information about the Smartsheet API and how to access support? Go to the Smartsheet Developers portal.

Access token expiration times

To learn more about access token expiration times and how to configure them to avoid compromising security within your organization, see Configure access token expiration time.

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