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Common login issues and how to solve them


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Having trouble logging into Smartsheet? In many cases, you can fix this on your own. 

Here are some common reasons you might be unable to log in—and how to fix these issues.

Forgotten password or locked out

Forgot your password? Go to the password reset page and follow the instructions on the screen. 

If you’ve tried to log in too many times with the wrong password, your account may be blocked. The fix is the same—reset your password.

Visit the Reset Password Page (US)

Visit the Reset Password Page (EU)

Third-party login issues

If you log in with your Microsoft, Google, or Apple ID log out of all open applications, including any other profiles that might be open in your browser. Clear your browser cache and your cookies, and restart your browser. Then log back in. If you have more than one account with these providers, make sure you're using the correct email address to log in. 

If you log in with SSO or your company credentials, contact your sys admin for assistance. 

Email related login issues

Missing password reset email

To confirm your identity, Smartsheet sends an email with an authentication link. Sometimes, the email gets trapped by spam filters. Check your spam folder—or any other secondary folders. Try searching for “password reset” and/or “Smartsheet account.” 

If your company uses a service like Mimecast to filter email, you may need to adjust your settings or permit Smartsheet as a sender. If you’re not sure how to do this, check with your IT department.

If you still can’t locate the email, reset your password again. You may have made a typo when you entered your email address. 

Can’t access the associated email account

If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your Smartsheet account, contact your IT department and ask them if they can temporarily reactivate your old email address.

For security reasons, Smartsheet can’t change email addresses on accounts or send password reset emails to an email other than the primary email on the account.

Password reset link is invalid

If the password reset link received via email is truncated or if additional characters are appended to it, this will invalidate the link. Make sure you've copied and pasted the link correctly, or go back to the reset page and restart the process. 

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