Overview: Share Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Begin collaborating with others by sharing a Smartsheet item (sheet, report, or dashboard) or by confirming a sharing request from someone on your team.

The best method to use for sharing will depend on the number of items you want to share and how many people you want to share with:

  • To share individual items one at a time with a few people, follow the sharing steps in the share an item article. 
  • To share one or more items with a group of people, use a workspace. For more information about how to do that, see Create a Workspace and Workspace Sharing.

Once your items are shared, you can learn some best practices here: more about what to expect here: Work with Multiple People on a Sheet at the Same Time.

Permission levels and sharing

When you share an item with someone, that person will need to log in to Smartsheet to access it. You control the level of access a person has through the sharing permission level you choose—Viewer, Commenter, Editor, or Admin. You can stop sharing an item or change a collaborator's permission level at any time. 

For more information about Smartsheet permissions, please see Sharing Permission Levels.

Sharing reports: Share the source sheets too. 

If you find that a report looks different for you than it does for someone that you've shared it to—if it's missing information or blank—you may not have shared all of the source sheets with that person. 

For security purposes, a report doesn't give access to sheets that haven't already been shared to a user. For example, you can share a report that looks across three sheets to a collaborator who only has access to one of them. When the collaborator opens the report, they'll only see rows pulled from the one sheet that's shared to them. If the collaborator isn't shared to any sheets, their version of the report will be blank.

  • If you’d like to share a report with somebody who doesn’t have access to the source sheets, you can publish the report and share the link. For more information about publishing, see Publish a Sheet, Report, or Dashboard.
  • You can also insert the report as a widget in a dashboard. For more information on the Report widget, check out the Widget Types for Smartsheet Dashboards article.

System Admin and Group Admin sharing controls

A System Admin can remove a user from sharing items owned by licensed users on the account. For more information, see Remove Collaborators From Sharing All Sheets.

A Group Admin can remove a member from a group to also remove them from all items that are shared to that group. For more information, see Manage and Use Smartsheet Contact Groups.