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Overview: Share sheets and reports


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Add collaborators to a sheet or report. The collaborators you share the file with may be inside or outside your organization. You can even share Smartsheet items with users who don't have a Smartsheet account, though, without an account, they may not be able to access all Smartsheet features. 

Tips on sharing Smartsheet items

About permission levels and sharing

When you share an item with someone, they must log in to Smartsheet to access it. What they can do in the file depends on the permissions you granted. You can add collaborators as any of these:

  • Admin
  • Editor - can share
  • Editor - cannot share
  • Commenter
  • Viewer

You can stop sharing an item or change a collaborator's permission level at any time.

To share a sheet or report

  1. Open the Sheet Sharing or Report Sharing form. You have two ways to do this:
    • In the menu bar, select File > Menu.
    • In the upper-right area of the screen, select Share.
  2. In the Invite Collaborators section of the Sharing form, type the user's or group's email address. 
    • Or, to choose from the Select Contacts form, select the Select Contacts icon.
  3. After selecting collaborators, select Share Report.

When you share reports, make sure to share their source sheets 

If you find that a report looks different for you than it does for someone you've shared it with—if it's missing information or blank—you may not have shared all of the source sheets with that person.

For security, sharing a report doesn't automatically give users access to unshared sheets. For example, you can share a report that looks across three sheets to a collaborator who only has access to one of them. When the collaborator opens the report, they'll only see rows pulled from the one sheet that's shared to them. If the collaborator isn't shared to any sheets, their version of the report will be blank.

Want to share a report with somebody who doesn’t have access to source sheets?

You can do any of these options:

Who can control users' sharing access

There are two user types with the ability to remove a user's access to Smartsheet items shared with them: 

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