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  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

  • System Admin
  • Group Admin

Admin Center: Manage Smartsheet contact groups

Group Admins can organize contacts into groups. For example, a Group Admin can create a specific group for all employees in the marketing team. After the Group Admin creates the group, anyone on the plan can share and send information to that group.


  • Smartsheet
  • Business
  • Enterprise


  • System Admin
  • Group Admin

Create a group

  1. In the lower left corner, select your account icon and then select Group Management
  2. In the Account Summary section on the Groups tile, select Manage Groups.
  3. On the top right, select Create Group
  4. Enter the group details in the Create Group pane.
  5. To add group members in bulk, in the Add Members tab, copy and paste up to 1,000 email addresses from an Excel or .csv file.
  6. Select Create.

The group appear on your contact list, and you'll automatically be a member. Learn more about working with Smartsheet contacts.

Manage an existing group

Any System Admin or the group's owner can make changes to an existing group. 

Group admins cannot remove users from groups they don't own. To remove users, you must be the group owner or system administrator.

To make changes to an existing group, double click the group row or select the More icon on the right side of the row. 

Group management menu expanded from the more icon, icon has a red box around it.

System Admins on Enterprise plans can restrict group membership to only those in your organization's plan

Use this optionTo do this
Edit Group DetailsOpen the Edit Group pane.
View GroupSee a list of all the group members and their current user types, such as Licenced Viewer or System Admin.
Add MembersAdd new people to the group. Once you add new people to the group, they will have access to files the group is shared to.
Transfer Group OwnershipTransfer ownership of the group to another Group Admin or SysAdmin in the plan.
System Admins Only - Generate Group Sheet Access ReportCreate a sheet access report. In this report, you'll see a list of all sheets shared to the selected group in your plan.  
Delete GroupDelete the group from the list. This will also remove the group from any sheets it's currently shared to and any recurring emails being sent to its members. You can't undo this action, so proceed with caution.


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