Manage Form Display and Submission Options

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner and anyone with Admin-level sharing permissions to the sheet can create and edit forms. Anyone with access to the form can use it to submit information to the sheet.

To manage form display, security, and submission options, open the form in the form builder and click Settings at the top of the builder.


You can choose from the following options.

Use this option 

To do this

Theme & Brand

Choose the layout of your final form. 

  • Classic layout shows your logo, title, and description in the center of the page, and the form below it. 
  • Modern layout shows your logo, title, and description on the left and your form on the right. Use this layout when you have a long form description or if you want your description to remain visible while scrolling through the form. 
  • Plain layout removes all logos, colors, and formatting from the form. It is best used when embedding forms in a website. 

TIP: Edit the color and logo of your form in the Workspace Colors & Logo

Show Smartsheet Branding on the form footer

By default this option is enabled. Turn this setting off (Business or Enterprise plans only) to remove the Smartsheet branding from the form footer, the form confirmation footer, and the mobile web form.

Security - Require people to login to Smartsheet to access this form. 

By turning this setting on, people who fill out this form will be required to login with their Smartsheet username and password before accessing the form. They do not require a license, just a valid Smartsheet username and password. If a person is already logged in to Smartsheet they will not be required to login again. If they do not have a Smartsheet account they can create one to login and access this form.  

TIP: If this option is enabled, the form submitters will see their email address automatically populated when they check the box to receive a copy of the form responses.

Security - Reduce Spam with CAPTCHA

Use invisible reCAPTCHA software (appearing as a small footer at the bottom of your form) to help prevent auto-generated submissions. A small percentage of form submitters may be prompted to prove they are not a robot by responding to an image based tile puzzle.

Invisible reCAPTCHA is automatically enabled on all forms when the form submitter chooses to receive a copy of the form submission. If you do not want them to receive this email copy, remove that option from the form in the Settings panel. 

NOTE: Invisible reCAPTCHA is blocked in China, so form submitters in China may experience issues if this option is enabled or if they’ve chosen to receive a copy of their submission.

Form Submission - What should happen after form is submitted

Control what the form submitter sees after submitting the form. You can either display a confirmation message, reload the form so it can be submitted again, or direct the submitter to another URL. (The URL will load in the same browser tab. If the form is embedded on a web page, the URL will load within the embed window.)

Form Submission - New submissions should appear on the

Specify whether rows inserted via form appear at the top of the sheet or the bottom of the sheet.

Entries submitted to the bottom of the sheet should appear in the next available blank row. If submissions appear after several blank rows, then you’ll want to delete these blank rows. (For more information, see Insert or Delete Rows or Tasks).

NOTE: New submissions cannot be inserted under a specified parent row or elsewhere.

Send Email of Submissions

By default, all forms include a checkbox at the bottom of the form so the form submitter can choose to receive a copy of their form submission directly from Smartsheet by entering their email address. (This email address is anonymous and will not be accessible by the form owner). Uncheck this box if you do not want your users to choose to receive a copy of their form submission. 

Customize the email message people will receive if they choose to receive a copy of the form submission. 

NOTE: When a form submitter chooses to receive a copy of their submission, they may be challenged by invisible reCAPTCHA software that helps prevent auto-generated submissions.

TIP: Want this checkbox to automatically be checked when people open the form? Use a URL query string in your unique link. Though there isn't a way to have the form confirmation email sent to the sheet owner or collaborators, you can receive email alerts when new entries come in. (For more information, see Automate Your Work with Alerts and Actions.)

NOTE: If there's a Created by system column in the sheet, and only registered Smartsheet users can submit the form, the column reflects the email addresses of the users who submit the form. When the form is accessible by anyone with the link, the Created by column shows (For information about System columns, see Use a System Column to Automatically Add Information to a Row.)