Manage form display and submission options

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner and anyone with Admin-level sharing permissions to the sheet can create and edit forms. Anyone with access to the form can use it to submit information to the sheet.

You can customize forms in Smartsheet. You can change the form layout, show or hide Smartsheet branding, and add security settings.

To manage your form, follow these steps: 

  1. Select Form > Manage Forms...
  2. Open the form you need to customize.
  3. Once you’re in the form builder, go to the Settings tab.

There you have it! In Settings you can:

  • Customize your form layout
  • Make a hidden field visible in your form
  • Show Smartsheet branding in the form footer
  • Configure the security settings of your form
  • Set up what the submitter sees after completing the form
  • Specify where new submissions should appear on the sheet
  • Send the user a copy of their form responses

Customize your form layout

  1. In the Settings tab, go to the Theme & Brand section.
  2. Select a layout from these options:
    • Vertical: Choose this layout if you want your logo, title, description, and form to have a center alignment. 
    • Side-by-side: Use this layout when you have a long form description, or choose this if you want your description to be visible while scrolling through the form
    • Plain: Use this to embed your form(s) in a website. This layout removes all logos, colors, and formatting from the form.

In the Colors Settings & Logo form, edit the color and logo of your form.

Make a field visible in your form

If your form has hidden fields, you can change the field settings to show the fields in the form. 

  1. At the top of your sheet, select Forms > Manage Forms.
  2. In the Forms dialog, select the form you need to edit. 
  3. Once you’re in the form builder, select the field you need to check. 

    This example selects the Client Field to open the Field Settings pane.
    A screen showing the fields in the form builder
    Notice the Client Email field in the image. If a field is grayed out, it’s hidden. You don’t have to select every field to check if it’s hidden or not. 
  4. If the Hidden toggle is on, toggle turn off the Hidden toggle.
    A field with the Hidden toggle enabled

Show Smartsheet branding in the form footer

Smartsheet enables this option by default. To remove Smartsheet branding, turn off the Show Smartsheet branding on the form footer toggle.

This removes Smartsheet branding from:

  • Form footer
  • Form confirmation footer 
  • Mobile web form

Only Business and Enterprise plan subscribers can disable this option.

To apply security settings to your form

  1. In the Settings tab of the form builder, go to the Security section. 
  2. Turn on the security settings you want to use for the form.

Your Sys Admin may have set minimum security settings on your account. Not all users will see all options listed here. 

Security setting details

By default, all forms are available to anyone with the link. 

When you use Require people to log in to Smartsheet to access this form:

  • Users who access your form(s) will have to log in with their Smartsheet account
  • Users don’t need a Smartsheet license, a valid username and password will do
  • Users who don’t have a Smartsheet account can create a free account to log in and access your form(s)

Restrict form access to people in my account via the Safe Sharing List is only available in Enterprise plans.

When you use this option: 

Reduce spam with CAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA detects any suspicious activity and challenges suspected bots. You can enable reCAPTCHA to prompt users to prove they’re not bots. When a user chooses to receive a copy of their responses, Smartsheet automatically enables reCAPTCHA on all forms.

If you don’t want to send form copies, turn off that option in the Send Email of Submissions section in the form builder.

China blocked the invisible reCAPTCHA on their internet platforms. Form submitters in China may experience issues if you’ve enabled this option or if they’ve selected Send me a copy of my responses.

Set up what the submitter sees after completing the form

  1. In the Settings tab of the form builder, go to the What should happen after the form is submitted section. 
  2. From the dropdown list, select the action you want to apply. 
    • Display this confirmation message: Choose this option if you only want the user to see a message confirming receipt of their response. 
      • The default confirmation message is Success! We've captured your response. You can modify it, if necessary

    • Reload the same form for another entry: Choose this option if you anticipate the user(s) sending multiple responses. 

    • Send the user to link: Use this feature if you need the user to go to a website after submitting their form responses.
      NOTE: When you choose this option, you’ll have to enter the URL where you want the user to land.

Specify where new submissions should appear on the sheet

You can add the new form entries at the top or bottom of the sheet. 

  1. In the Settings tab of the form builder, go to the New Submissions should appear on the section. 
  2. Select where you want to add the new form responses.

If submissions appear after several blank rows, delete those blank rows.

Smartsheet doesn’t add new submissions under a specified parent row or cell.

Send the user a copy of their form responses

  1. In the Settings tab of the form builder, go to the Send Email of Submissions section. 
  2. Select Allow submitter to email a copy of form submission
  3. Type over the default text if you want to customize the message.

Privacy of a form submitter’s email address

The user’s email address is anonymous. If there is a Created by column, the value form owners will see in it is However, if the form allows only Smartsheet users to submit responses, it’ll reflect the submitter’s email address.

Using a URL query string for the Send Email Submissions feature 

When you use a URL query string in your unique link, the Send me copy of my responses option will be on for users by default. They’ll still have an option to deselect it if they want to. 

With a URL query link, they won’t have to fill in the Email address field. 

However, URL query strings can’t help you automate form confirmation emails to sheet owners and collaborators. If you want to receive email alerts when new entries come in, use automated workflows.