Troubleshooting issues with forms

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If you’re having issues navigating your form, read this guide to learn how to fix them.

Forms FAQs

My form submissions aren’t appearing on my sheet

Blank rows may be filling up the spaces above your submissions. Scroll through the sheet to find the entries you submitted. 

Another way to search for new entries is to use the Ctrl + F (or Command + C on macOS) keyboard shortcut and type keywords for the entries.

The form isn’t reflecting all the questions I added

The question field might be set as hidden. Learn how to make fields visible in your forms

When new form submissions come in, my sheet isn’t autofilling the newly added cells with formulas  

Here are some reasons why you’re experiencing this:

  • The two rows near your new entry don’t contain the formulas in other nearby cells
  • The last row before your new entry is indented in a hierarchy

A sheet doesn’t automatically indent new form submissions. 

Want to learn more about autofills? Read the Use or Override Automatic Formatting and Formula Autofill article .