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System Admins can configure security controls.


Configure Security Controls for an Enterprise Plan

A System Admin for an Enterprise plan can configure security controls to manage how their users work in Smartsheet. 


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System Admins can configure security controls.


To get started, select Account > Admin Center and then select Security/Safe Sharing List on the left panel of the Account Administration window.

System Admins can:

If you have multiple plans and one plan is the main plan under Enterprise Plan Manager, you can set safe sharing controls in the main plan, and all managed plans will inherit those controls. You can change these settings on the managed plan if you are an administrator on the main plan.

Set up an approved domain-sharing list

Restrict sharing by domain or by specific email addresses—for example, to ensure that sheets are shared only to people with a company email address. You'll do this by setting up an Allowlist.

When Approved Domain Sharing is enabled, all workflows with recipients outside the Approved Domain Sharing list will become disabled with an "Invalid Recipients" message. To ensure that workflows don't get disabled, make sure that all recipients of workflow automation are added to Approved Domain Sharing. Alternatively, ensure at least one recipient in every workflow within the Approved Domain Sharing list.

Things to know

  • Users will also be prevented from sending emails from Smartsheet to restricted domains and email addresses.
  • Subdomains will need to be added to the Allowlist individually, as they aren't allowed when you add a domain to the Allowlist. For instance, adding "" to the Allowlist will not add "" to the Allowlist. (You'll need to add both domains to the Allowlist.)
  • When enabled, Approved Domains and Address Sharing capabilities will restrict who can receive notification emails.

To set up the list: 

  1. Select Account> Admin Center > Security/Safe Sharing List.
  2. In the Approved Domain Sharing section, select Edit.
  3. Select the Enable sharing in Smartsheet only to the domains and email addresses listed below checkbox.
  4. In the Approved domains box, type in each email domain (for example users will be allowed to share to. Each domain must appear on a separate line.

    If there are any specific email addresses users should be able to share to outside the allowed domains, enter them in the Approved email addresses box.

    TIP:  Provide a link to a form for members of your organization's plan to make a request for System Admins to add additional domains or email addresses to the Allowlist. Your link will be presented in a Smartsheet window whenever users in your plan attempt to share or email an item from Smartsheet to someone whose email address falls outside the Allowlist. Your link can be: 
    • A URL for an existing system your organization uses (such as an IT ticketing site) 
    • A Smartsheet form (check out our article on Forms for more information)
  5. Select OK.

Once you enable the Approved Domain & Address Sharing capability, people in your account must use email addresses with approved domains when they:

  • Share sheets and workspaces
  • Send rows
  • Use the Send Link to Form option within the form link
  • Manually or automatically send or recieve any alerts or requests (alerts, reminders, update requests, approval requests)

Smartsheet items that were shared before domain restrictions were enabled will remain shared to anyone outside of the approved domains. You can generate a Sheet Access Report to see what items have been shared with whom, details on this are available here.

Modify an approved domain-sharing list

To change the list:

  1. Select account> Admin Center > Security/Safe Sharing List.
  2. In the Approved Domain Sharing section, select Edit.
  3. Select the Edit button on the Security Controls form.
  4. Add, edit, remove domains/addresses from the list, and select OK.

To deactivate the capability, select the Edit button, uncheck the Enabled checkbox, and select OK.

Change group options

Restrict the type of user who can be added to a group by Group Admins. For example, you can limit this to only users on the account or allow all users and external contacts in groups.

  1. Select account> Admin Center > Security/Safe Sharing List.
  2. Click Edit in the Group Membership Options section.
  3. Select whether to have group membership Limited to Account Users Only. When this option is selected, only users shown in the User Management screen can be added to groups by Group Admins.

Manage authentication options

All Smartsheet customers can log in using their email address and Smartsheet password, or they can choose from a number of single-sign-on options. System Admins can disable any of these login options as desired.

To modify how people sign in to Smartsheet:

  1. On the left Navigation Bar, select Account
  2. In the Account menu, select Admin Center
  3. Under Settings > Authentication, select the method you want to use. (For more information about the other options on this page, see Security Controls.)

Enable user auto-provisioning

User Auto Provisioning automates adding users to an Enterprise account in Smartsheet. Rather than manually inviting users through the User Management screen, enable this capability to automatically add users to your account if they sign up for Smartsheet with an email address owned by your organization. You can choose to automatically add users to the account as licensed or non-licensed, depending on the access you'd like to provide.

Review our help article on User Auto Provisioning for detailed instructions. Completing the process will require you to add record(s) to your Domain Name System (DNS), so you may need to loop in an internal technical resource for assistance.  

Apply security settings to forms

By default, all forms are anonymous and available to anyone with a link to the form. You can limit form access to people with a Smartsheet login or people on your Smartsheet account via the safe sharing list. 

When these settings are selected in the Admin Center, they apply as the minimum permissions for all forms on your account and cannot be changed in the form builder.


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