Manage and Distribute a Form


Who can use this capability?

role types icon The Sheet Owner and Sheet Admins can create and edit forms. Anyone with access to the form can submit an entry using the form.

plan type icon All plans. A license is required to create and edit forms. If you are using a Trial version of Smartsheet, you can create forms, but those forms cannot be shared. Not sure of your plan type or whether you have a license? See Identify Your Smartsheet Plan and User Type.

Once a form is created, you'll manage it from the Form Manager. To open the Form Manager, select Forms > Manage Forms from the sheet to which the form is associated.

From the Form Manager, you can select any form to edit it, or you can take any of the additional actions listed in the table below.

Access to menu options varies by license type and sheet permissions.

Form Manager

Use this option

To do this
New Form (button)

Create a new form that will submit to the sheet.

You can create multiple forms per sheet to collect different information, or display a different format, to different people.

Open Form 

Open your form in a new tab.

NOTE: Submissions made to the form will appear in your sheet as new rows.

Copy Form URL  Copy the URL of the form to your clipboard so that you can paste it elsewhere, such as into an email or document.
Menu  Select the Menu icon to access additional form options
Menu > Copy Embed Code Copy the embed code to your clipboard to embed the form for use in a dashboard or website.
Menu > Duplicate Create a copy of your form on the same sheet, but with a new URL.
Menu > Properties Show the form status, number of entries submitted, the email address of the form creator, and the date of creation.
Menu > Deactivate Disable the URL (accessing it will display an error message), but preserve it and the form so that you can use them in the future.
Menu > Delete Remove the form and its associated URL from Smartsheet. The URL is not recoverable. Delete forms with caution.

If you need multiple people to fill out the same form but want to specify different default values in certain fields, or automatically select the ‘Send me a copy of my form submission’ checkbox, create a URL that includes unique query string parameters.