FIND Function

Returns the starting position (the number of characters in) of a string within text.
Sample Usage
FIND("D", [Task Name]4, 5)
  • search_for
  • text_to_search
  • [
  • search_for
    The text or a cell reference you want to find.
  • text_to_search
    The text you want to search within.
  • start_position
    The number of characters in, from the left, to begin searching. If a number isn’t provided, the search begins from the leftmost character.

This example references the following sheet information:

  Clothing Item Item Number Transaction Total Units Sold
1 T-Shirt C001 1,170.00 78
2 Pants C002 1,491{1)00 52
3 Jacket C003 812.00 217

Given the table above, here are some examples of using FIND in a sheet:

Formula Description Result
=FIND("a", [Clothing Item]3) Returns the starting position of the character “a” in the “Clothing Item” column on row 3. 2
=COUNTIF([Item Number]:[Item Number], FIND("C", @cell) > 0) Counts values in the “Item Number” column that contain a “C” character. Rows 1, 2, and 3 apply.  3
=SUMIFS([Transaction Total]:[Transaction Total], [Item Number]:[Item Number], FIND([Item Number]1, @cell) > 0) If values in the "Item Number" column are equal to the value on row 1 of the "Item Number" column (C001), corresponding values in the "Transactional Total" column are summed. 1,170.00