MATCH Function

Returns the relative position of a value in a range (lookup table). The first position is 1.
Sample usage
MATCH("Task A", [Task Name]1:Done5)
  • search_value
  • range
  • [
  • search_value
    The value to search for.
  • range
    The cell range (lookup table) to be searched.
  • search_type
    The default is 1. The manner in which to search, depending on whether the range is sorted ascending (1), not sorted (0), or sorted descending (-1).
Usage notes

Smartsheet calculates the relative position of a search value by counting cells from left to right (across columns), then top to bottom (across rows). In a lookup table consisting of two columns, the cell in the top row of the leftmost column is the first position, 1.

For the optional search_type argument:

  • 1: (The default value) Finds the largest value less than or equal to search_value (requires that the range be sorted in ascending order)
  • 0: Finds the first exact match (the range may be unordered)
  • -1: Finds the smallest value greater than or equal to search_value (requires that the range be sorted in descending order)

This example references the following sheet information:

Row #Clothing ItemTransaction TotalUnits SoldPrice per UnitOrder Date


Given the table above, here are some examples of using INDEX in a sheet:

=MATCH("Pants", [Clothing Item]:[Clothing Item], 0)
Returns the row position for Pants in the Clothing Item column

=MATCH(42, [Units Sold]1:[Price Per Unit]3, 0)

Returns the position of the numeric value 42 from the two-column table, where 78 would be 1st position and $20.00 is 6th position

=MATCH(DATE(2019, 2, 12), [Order Date]:[Order Date])

Returns the position of the date February 12, 2019, using the DATE function, in the Order Date column

=INDEX([Price Per Unit]:[Price Per Unit], MATCH("Jacket", [Clothing Item]:[Clothing Item], 0))

Returns the value in the Price per Unit column for the row that contains the value Jacket in the Clothing Item column


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