VALUE Function

Converts a text value that represents a number into a number
Sample Usage
VALUE(LEFT(Cost5, 3)) * 4
  • text
  • text
    The text value to convert
Usage Notes
  • You can use VALUE within another function to ensure a number will be returned from your formula. Certain formulas will always return a value in text format, even if it looks like a number. This will return an error when you attempt to perform mathematical calculations on the text, such as in the example below:

    =RIGHT("H.264", 3) * 2 

    The =RIGHT("H.264", 3) portion of the formula returns 264, which looks like a number but is actually stored in Smartsheet as text. Use VALUE to convert text to numeric format so that the formula doesn’t produce an error:

    =VALUE(RIGHT("H.264", 3)) * 2
    Result: 528

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