MID Function

Returns a portion of text based on a given starting point and number of characters
Sample Usage
MID("Hello World!", 2, 5)
  • text
  • start_position
  • num_chars
  • text
    The text that you want to return a portion from
  • start_position
    Starting from the left, the number of the character you want to return
  • num_chars
    Starting from the left and depending on the start_position, the total number of characters to extract
MID("Hello World!", 2, 5)Extracts 5 characters from "Hello World!" starting from the second character."ello W"
MID("Data Science", 6, 7)Extracts 7 characters starting from the sixth character of "Data Science"."Science"
MID("1234567890", 4, 3)Extracts 3 characters from "1234567890" starting from the fourth character."456"
MID("Open Configuration", 6, 6)Extracts 6 characters starting from the sixth character of "Open Configuration"."Config"

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