RIGHT Function

Returns the rightmost characters from a text string.
Sample Usage
RIGHT("Hello World", 3)
  • text
  • [
  • text
    The text containing the characters to return.
  • num_chars
    Starting from the rightmost character, the number of characters to return. If a number isn’t provided, only the first character from the right will be returned.
Usage Notes
  • With right-to-left languages (such as Arabic), RIGHT will return the leftmost characters instead.

This example references the following sheet information:

  Clothing Item Sold Date Status Order Date
1 T-Shirt 02/12/19 1:55 PM Green 02/12/19
2 Pants 02/15/19 10:23 AM Red 02/15/19
3 Jacket 02/20/19 2:45 PM Yellow 02/20/19

Given the table above, here are some examples of using RIGHT in a sheet:

Formula Description Result
=RIGHT([Clothing Item]1, 5) Returns the rightmost 5 characters from the “Clothing Item” column for row 1. Shirt
=COUNTIF([Sold Date]:[Sold Date], RIGHT(@cell, 2) = "PM") Counts the number of values in the “Sold Date” column that return the rightmost 2 characters at the cell level equal to “PM”. Row 1 and 3 apply. 2
=IF(Status2 = "Red", RIGHT([Order Date]2, 8)) Returns the rightmost 8 characters from a “Order Date” column, row 2, if the “Status” column, row 2, equals “Red”. 02/15/19