INDEX Function

Returns an item from a collection based on provided row and column indexes.
Sample Usage
INDEX([Task Name]1:[Due Date]5, 1, 2)
  • range
  • row_index
  • [
  • range
    The group of cells that you want to evaluate.
  • row_index
    The row position (used in a one-dimensional collection such as a list) of the item to return.
  • column_index
    The column position (used in a two-dimensional collection such as a table) of the item to return.
Usage Notes
  • The range can be a function that returns multiple values, for example: ANCESTORS or CHILDREN.
  • You can use the COLLECT function inside of the INDEX function to return an item from a range based on the collected values that meet the specified criteria. For example, the formula:

    =INDEX(COLLECT([Task Name]:[Task Name], [Assigned To]:[Assigned To], "John", [Not Complete]:[Not Complete], 1), 1)

    will return the value Task B. The formula is written to return the task that is assigned to John and is marked as not complete. (See the image below for an example of this formula in action.)

    index function with collect function



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