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Smartsheet Advance Package


Who can use this capability

System Admins and Group Admins can log into the Admin Center.

Admin Center overview

Smartsheet Admin Center allows System Admins and Group Admins to administer and govern their Smartsheet plan. Use the Admin Center to manage users, groups, and license requests, as well as to see an overview of plan settings and usage.

To access the Admin Center, log in with your Smartsheet credentials at 


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  • Smartsheet Advance Package


System Admins and Group Admins can log into the Admin Center.

Admin Center home

The Admin Center homepage displays a summary of your plan and users: remaining licenses, pending tasks, and account settings. It gives you access to plan insights and user account information, including permission-based user types and Admin access types. You can download a detailed user type report.

Brandfolder Image
Admin Center home page with Tasks, User accounts, Plan Insights, and more.

A filled bubble indicates a setting is active. Settings are plan dependent; an upgrade icon  means you must upgrade to access that setting. Warning icons indicate a setting that requires attention; hover over the warning to learn more. 

Go to Admin Center and select the Menu icon at the upper-left corner of the screen to navigate to:

  • User Management
  • License Requests
  • Group Management
  • Governance Controls
  • Plan Insights
  • Domain Management
  • Settings
  • Plan and Billing Info
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The Account menu includes User Management, Group Management, License Requests, Plan and Billing Info, and more.


For information about User Management:

For information about Group Management:

License Requests page

The license request page displays all free users on your plan who have requested a license. This list displays the requester's name, email address, the age of their request, and a message from the requester if they’ve included one.

You can use the actions on the right to decline or grant license requests.

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License Requests page showing a request and links to decline or grant license.

If you activated Account Discovery, you will also see requests from Viewers or Team Members on your domain who want to join your plan.

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