How to Remove Someone from an Account

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise

A System Admin on a Business or Enterprise plan can remove anyone else from their account with the following steps:

  1. Open the User Management form by clicking Account > User Management (or click here).
  2. Right-click the email address of the person that you want to remove and select Delete User.

    NOTE: You cannot remove yourself from an account, even if you are a System Admin. If you're a System Admin and would like to be removed from an account, reach out to another System Admin.
  3. Check or uncheck either of the optional checkboxes associated to shared access and owned items. (Details on these optional checkboxes can be found in the section below.)
  4. Confirm that you would like to remove them by clicking OK.

This will remove their email address from the account. They will still be able to log in to Smartsheet as a free collaborator but they will no longer be associated with your account.

When someone is removed, their shared access to sheets owned by other licensed users on the account and the items that they own can be removed based on the selected optional checkboxes (details on these options in the section below). Once this process has been completed, it cannot be undone or reverted. Restoring their access after they’ve been removed will need to be done manually through sharing and transferring of ownership.

Options Available to You at the Time of Removal

When someone is removed from an account, you (as the System Admin) have two actions that you can take to control what access is retained by the user after they have been removed:

Remove user sharing access—removes them from sharing on all Smartsheet items owned by other people on the account.

Transfer owned sheets to other user—with this option, you can select a new owner for all of the removed person's Smartsheet items (sheets, reports, dashboards).

Here are some key points on this option: 

  • Any items that the removed person owns which are not transferred will automatically become locked in read-only mode and completely deleted after 30 days.
  • The new owner will see transferred sheets, reports, and dashboards in Home in their left panel in a folder named Transferred from [email address of previous owner]. 
  • All other shared collaborators (if any) will remain shared and retain their sharing permission level.

Why you might want them to retain access and ownership (uncheck the options)

If your company owns more than one account, a System Admin may need to assist with the process of moving someone from one account to another while still allowing them to retain access and ownership of Smartsheet items they need to use.

  1. If you would like them to retain their shared access and the sheets they currently own, you need to uncheck both optional checkboxes
  2. Click OK.

Why you might want to remove their sharing access and ownership (check the options)

A System Admin may need to remove someone and make certain that they can no longer access information owned by the account. 

  1. If you would like to remove their shared access and transfer their owned sheets to another licensed user, you need to check both optional checkboxes and select the recipient of their sheets.
  2. Click the select new owner option and choose another licensed user on the account to receive ownership of their sheets.
  3. Click OK.

    Transfer To Sally Smart

  4. After confirming that the new recipient is listed in the Transfer ownership to field, click OK.


  • If they're a Group Admin, you'll also see the option for Transfer group ownership to <select new owner> and you can transfer ownership of their groups to another  other Group Admins on the account. You won't be able to delete the user until the ownership of their groups is transferred.
  • You cannot remove yourself from an account, even if you are a System Admin. If you're a System Admin and would like to be removed from an account, reach out to another System Admin (or promote someone else to System Admin) and they'll be able to remove you using the above instructions.