Edit or Remove Fields in a Form

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The Sheet Owner and Sheet Admins can create and edit forms.  Anyone with access to the form can submit an entry on the form.

A license is required to create and edit forms. If you are using a Trial version of Smartsheet, you can create forms, but those forms cannot be shared. Not sure of your plan type or whether you have a license? See Identify Your Smartsheet Plan and User Type.

Reorder fields by clicking on the up or down arrows in the top-right of a field, or by dragging and dropping a field up or down. Reordering fields in your form does not change the order in the sheet. 

Field Selection
To remove a single element from the form, hover over it and select the trashcan icon in the top-right of that field, or drag and drop it from your form to the left panel. To remove all fields from your form, use the Remove All or Add All buttons in the left panel. These actions will only remove the field from your form and will not delete the corresponding column from the sheet. See Add Additional Elements to the Form for more information.

Remove all add all

  1. Select Forms > Manage Forms on the menu bar to display the Form Manager.
  2. You can select any form to open it in the form editor. 
  3. Select an element on the center preview panel to edit its properties in the right panel.
  4. As you edit the properties of each element, the center preview will update to reflect your changes, representing what it will look like on your final form.

Field Settings

Change the title, display, and other settings on your fields to make your form easy to view and fill out. 


Here's a summary of the different properties you can set for form fields.

Use this property

To do this

Column Properties tile

View and edit the column name, column type, and column properties such as the values in the contact list or dropdown. 


Choose to either use the column name or a custom label as the name of the form field.

Help Text

Add a description or instruction to appear underneath the form field.

NOTE: You can include hyperlinks in help text. 

Display Type

For Textbox, Checkbox, Dropdown List, and Symbols column types only.

Use this to specify how these are displayed in the form.

Required Field

Required fields must be filled out in order to submit the form; leaving them blank will display an error message to the submitter.

NOTE: Fields with conditional logic that are set to required will only be required if they are displayed when the form is submitted

Hidden Field

Hidden fields are not visible in the form, but are visible in the sheet.

TIP: Use a hidden field and default value together when you want all form submissions to include a certain value in a specific column without the form submitter completing that question. For example, if you want the status of the new submission to always be set to “Open”, but you don’t want the form submitters to see or edit this value, select the default value of the dropdown field to Open and set it to Hidden. 

If you aren’t specifying a default value, you can remove the hidden field from the form instead.

Default Value

Use this to specify a default value for the field. When the form is opened, this default value will automatically be selected and can be changed by the submitter. 

Validation Add simple character and pattern-based validation to Text/Number and Contact List fields in your form to help you collect consistent, error-free data. See Validate Information in Forms.



With conditional logic in forms, you can ensure that people using the form will only answer the questions that are relevant to their submission by showing specific fields based on their answers to other questions. See Use Conditional Logic to Streamline Form Submissions for more information.

NOTE: System columns can’t be included as fields on a form. However, you can add system columns to the sheet to automatically track certain information, such as the date and time of the submission. See Use a System Column to Automatically Add Information to a Row for more information about this capability.