Identify Your Smartsheet Plan and User Type

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What you’re able to do in Smartsheet will depend on a few factors:

  • Your plan and user type 
  • Whether or not you have a Smartsheet license
  • The sharing permissions you’ve been given for the various Smartsheet items you’re working with

You can use the steps here to identify your plan type and to determine whether you have a Smartsheet license. 

Identify Your Smartsheet Plan Type

To see the plan type that you have:

  1. Click your account image in the upper-right corner of the Smartsheet window and click Account Admin (or click here to go straight to the Account Administration window).
  2. In the Account Administration window, next to Plan, you’ll see your plan type listed.

    Account Admin Enterprise Type Circled

Smartsheet Plan Type Overview

Smartsheet has two classes of plan type: 

  • Single-user plan: The single-user plan is called Individual. The Individual plan has only one licensed user. 
  • Multi-user plans: Multi-user plans include BusinessEnterprise, and Premier. A multi-user plan can have a number of licensed users (the number of licenses available will depend on the plan) and one or more System Admins.

For more information about which actions require a license, please see the User Types article. For complete details about Smartsheet plan types and offerings, refer to the Smartsheet Pricing page.

Identify Whether You Have a License

In most cases, you’ll be able to tell whether you have a license by looking at your plan type.

A Free Plan Type Is Unlicensed

If your plan type is listed as Free, you do not have a Smartsheet license. (Note that Sheets Owned will always be 0 for a Free plan type because you must have a license in order to create or own sheets.)

Account Admin Plan Type Free

The most common scenarios for having a plan type of Free are these:

  • Someone shared a sheet or other Smartsheet item to you and you are not currently licensed on any other Smartsheet plan.
  • A System Admin invited you to join a multi-user plan but did not grant you a license to the plan. (A System Admin might do this to help facilitate tracking and planning in Smartsheet.)
  • You switched from a paid plan to a Free plan. For more information about this, see Options for Canceling a Smartsheet Account.
  • You started a free 30-day trial (details on how to start a trial are available here) and that trial has expired.

Trial Account 

If you’re using a trial of Smartsheet, your plan type will be listed as Trial, and you’ll see the Upgrade Options button at the top of the Account Administration window.

When you’re using a trial, you will have all of the options available to a licensed user for the duration of the trial.

Account Admin Plan Type Trial

Licenses and System Admins

Every account must have at least one System Admin. Note, however, that it is possible for the System Admin to be unlicensed. 

TIP: It’s a good best practice to have at least two people who have System Admin access to an account (for example, you might want someone in your IT department to have access).
If you have System Admin permissions, you can verify who on your plan has a license by clicking your account image in the upper-right corner of the Smartsheet window and clicking User Management. Check marks in the Licensed User column show you which people have licenses.

Account Admin System Admin No License  

Determine If You Are  a System Admin

If you are a System Admin on your account, when you click Account Admin (or click here to open the window), you’ll see a number of options that other plan users won’t see. For example, in addition to account information, you’ll see a User Management option.

Here’s what the menu looks like for a System Admin:

Account Admin Menu for System Admin

Here’s an example of the options that a System Admin sees in the left panel of the Account Administration window:

Account Admin Multi-User Plan