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Identify your Smartsheet plan and user type


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What you can do in Smartsheet will depend on a few things:

  • Your plan and user type 
  • Whether or not you have a Smartsheet license
  • Your sharing permissions on the Smartsheet items you’re working with

Use the steps in this article to identify your plan type and determine whether you have a Smartsheet license.

Identify your Smartsheet plan type

  1. In the lower-left area of the Navigation Bar, select Account > Plan Info or Plan & Billing Info
  2. In the Account Administration dialog, check the Plan section.

Highlighted Plan type

Smartsheet plans

There are three plan types; you can learn the differences between them in the Account-Level User Types for Business and Enterprise Plan article.

For complete details about Smartsheet plan types and offerings, refer to the Smartsheet Pricing page.

Identify your organization’s SysAdmin

If you have a Business or an Enterprise plan, your organization’s account can have one or more SysAdmins.

To find your organization’s SysAdmin: 

  1. In the Navigation Bar in the lower left hand corner, select Account > Plan & Billing Info > Account Details.
  2. Check these sections:
    • Main Contact: Your SysAdmin’s name

Showing where to look

Identify whether you have a license

You can tell whether you have a license by looking at your plan type.

A Free plan type is unlicensed

If your plan type is listed as Free, you don’t have a Smartsheet license. 
The value in the Sheets Owned section will always be 0 for a Free plan type, because you must have a license to create or own sheets.

If you have a Free plan, these are the most common scenarios for how you have a Smartsheet account:

The most common scenarios for having a plan type of Free are these:

  • Someone shared a sheet or other Smartsheet item to you, and you’re not currently licensed on any other Smartsheet plan
  • A SysAdmin invited you to join a Business or Enterprise plan but didn’t grant you a license to the plan 
  • You switched from a paid plan to a Free plan 
  • You started a free 30-day trial, and that trial expired

Trial Account 

If you’re using a trial of Smartsheet: 

  • Your plan type will be listed as Trial 
  • You’ll see the Upgrade Options button at the top of the Account Administration dialog
  • You’ll have all of the options available to a licensed user for the entire trial

Licenses and SysAdmins

Every account must have at least one SysAdmin, but it’s possible for the SysAdmin to be unlicensed.

It’s a best practice to have at least two people who have System Admin access to an account. For example, you might want someone in your IT department to have access.

If you’re a SysAdmin, you can verify who has a license on your plan

  1. In the lower-left area of the Navigation Bar, select Account > Plan & Billing Info > User Management.
  2. Check the Licensed User column. If a user has a check symbol in that column, it means they’re a licensed user.

Account Admin System Admin No License  

Determine if you're a SysAdmin

If you’re a SysAdmin on your account, when you select Plan & Billing Info (or access the Account Administration link), you’ll see a number of options other plan users won’t see. 

Along with your account details, you’ll have access to these pages and options:

  • Admin Center page 
  • User Management page 
  • License Request Management 
  • Login History 
  • Account Settings


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