Bridge Integrations

Bridge Integrations

Integrations for Bridge by Smartsheet

With integrations, you can connect Bridge to third-party party systems....

Smartsheet Bridge Integration

Smartsheet Bridge integration: Overview and setup

Build workflows that interact with your sheets in a range of ways, with the Smartsheet integration for Bridge.

Smartsheet module reference

After you have set up the Smartsheet integration, you can choose events on a sheet to trigger a Bridge workflow....

Resource Management Bridge Integration

Resource Management for Bridge Integration Overview

With the Resource Management for Bridge integration, you can use the Resource Management APIs and webhooks to build workflows that intera

Resource Management for Bridge: Triggers

The following triggers are available with the integration and can be used in workflows to connect Resource Management with other systems to automate p...


Brandfolder integration overview

Bridge connects Smartsheet with Brandfolder to help you automate tasks.

Brandfolder modules reference

The Brandfolder integration for Bridge has a number of different modules you can set up in your workflow.

Create a Brandfolder workspace

Use Bridge to automatically create a Brandfolder workspaces.

Create a Brandfolder Collection

Create a Brandfolder Collection with Bridge.


Accuweather integration overview

Seamlessly Integrating AccuWeather Data for Enhanced Workflow Efficiency in Smartsheet Bridge.

Accuweather module reference

Enhancing Workflows with AccuWeather: Real-Time Weather Data Integration in Smartsheet Bridge

Google Translate

Google Translate integration overview

Streamlining multilingual communication: leveraging Google Translate in Smartsheet Bridge for seamless text translation.

Google Translate module reference

Enhancing global communication: Effortless text translation with Google Translate in Smartsheet Bridge.


SendGrid integration overview

To enable the SendGrid integration with Bridge, you need an API Key from SendGrid....

SendGrid module reference

The Send Email workflow module allows you to email one or more recipients using either plain text or HTML you define in Bridge, or by using SendGrid's...


ServiceNow integration overview

ServiceNow is a platform where you can create digital workflows for different teams in your company....

ServiceNow modules

ServiceNow triggersAfter integrating Bridge with ServiceNow, choose the events to trigger a workflow....

Create a record in ServiceNow from a Smartsheet row

You can use Bridge to move specific requests into ServiceNow for more in-depth triage/progress while tracking at a high level in Smartsheet....


SharePoint module reference

TriggersA trigger is activated when an item in a list is added or changed. Use this module to create an item in a SharePoint list....

Sharepoint integration overview

Understanding Smartsheet Sharepoint integration