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Bridge by Smartsheet

Resource Management for Bridge Integration Overview

With the Resource Management for Bridge integration, you can use the Resource Management APIs and webhooks to build workflows that interact with APIs without having to construct API calls.


  • Bridge by Smartsheet

The integration consists of both triggers and modules, that you can use to start workflows based on changes in Resource Management or to interact with Resource Management in workflows triggered by another system.

You must have an account with Resource Management and any other systems you want to include in your workflows.

You can start building Resource Management workflows before authenticating or creating triggers, but you get a popup reminding you to authenticate while doing so. You won’t be reminded to create triggers, but you can review the Trigger panel in the designer to see if any exist for the workflow you are building.

Authenticate your integration

  1. Log into Bridge by Smartsheet and navigate to the Integrations page. 
  2. Locate the Resource Management logo and select it. 
  3. In the Info tab, select Continue, and then Authenticate in the Connect Tab. 
  4. Select Allow to continue. The window closes automatically after 5 seconds.

Create Triggers

Once authenticated, you get to a third tab called Triggers. You can choose to come back to this later or set up the triggers right away. Once you have added Resource Management modules in a workflow you can also access this pop-up by selecting the settings icon in the setup panel of the designer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reference the value for Project Type in the triggers or modules related to projects?

Project Type is used to specify if a project is Confirmed, Internal, or Tentative. However, the label in the response from the Resource Management API calls it Project State. It is therefore called Project State in the Bridge Run Log to follow the Resource Management format.

How do I update another system with a work items status when it changes if it is always blank in the Run Log?

A work item’s status appears as status_option_label. You won’t want to use the data label Status, as it is specific to Resource Management only.

Why do I receive an error saying Time Entry Lockout field is incorrect?

The Time Entry Lockout field requires the values -1, 0 or any other number. In the Resource Management UI these numbers aren’t visible, but are represented by text. -1 Corresponds to Do not lock time entries for this project, 0 corresponds to Lock all time entries for this project and any other numbers result in Lock time entries for this project that are older than X calendar days’

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