Access Smartsheet from anywhere on your mobile device.

Differences between the web and mobile app

There are many similarities between mobile and web apps....

Get up and running with the Smartsheet mobile app

For Android, verify the required Android version in About this app. You can download it from Google Play....

Smartsheet for iOS: Accessibility with VoiceOver

Use the Smartsheet mobile application, even if you don’t see the screen, with VoiceOver: Apple’s gesture-based screen reader software bui

Smartsheet Mobile App: Capture information from anywhere

When you tap a link to a form, you automatically go to the mobile app to fill out the form....

Smartsheet Mobile App: Conditional Access

With Conditional Access, you can select which devices access the Smartsheet Mobile App.pp.

Smartsheet Mobile App: View and update your work

With the Smartsheet mobile app, you can take your work with you, collect information from resources in the field, and maintain visibility

Smartsheet Mobile App: Stay on top of work with notifications and requests

Any notification you receive in the desktop app can also be viewed in the Mobile app....