Smartsheet Mobile App: Stay on top of work with notifications and requests

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Any notification you receive in the desktop app can also be viewed in the Mobile app. To see your alerts and requests, tap the Notifications button on the Home screen.

If you’d like to set up alerts and automation in your sheets, use the desktop app. See Save Time and Work Faster With Automated Workflows for more information.

Stay on Top of Tasks With Push Notifications

Receive push notifications on your device to make sure you're updated on sheet changes. See Configure How You Receive Notifications from Smartsheet to learn how to update your notification settings on desktop, iOS, and Android.

When you receive a push notification, you can tap on it to view it and take action in the Notification Center. See Notification Center: Receive Alerts Directly Within Smartsheet for more information. 

Update, Proofing, and Approval requests

Within the Notifications screen, you can switch to the Requests tab to see Update, Proofing and Approval requests. If the request hasn’t been completed, you can fulfill it by entering the necessary updates or by choosing to approve or decline it.

For more information about setting up these requests in your sheets from the desktop app, see the following articles