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Smartsheet Mobile App: Capture information from anywhere

Use forms in the Smartsheet mobile app for barcode scanning and adding a link to your location in text/number form fields.


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When you tap a link to a form, you automatically go to the mobile app to fill out the form. The form then appears in the Recents tab of the Home screen so you can access it later. You can also open any form attached to a sheet you’ve shared.

Open the form with the link

When you tap a Smartsheet form link on your mobile device, you land on the app. If you don't have it installed, you may be prompted to download it.

If you open a Smartsheet form from the mobile app, you can access it later from the Home or Recents screen in the Smartsheet mobile app.

Consider the following when using Smartsheet forms on your mobile device:

  • Minimize the number of times you log out of the application. Logging out of the Smartsheet mobile app clears the list of draft forms and forms from the app’s Home screen.
  • Avoid pinning Smartsheet form links to your device’s Home screen to prevent the forms from opening in the mobile app.

Open forms from a sheet

If a sheet has no associated forms, you don’t see the Forms option in the mobile app. First, create a form on the sheet with the desktop version of Smartsheet.

To access an existing form: 

  1. Open the sheet. 
  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, tap More The Menu icon.
  3. Select Forms and tap the form you want to view.

Progressive form save 

When filling out a form, you can navigate to other sections of the app or even switch to other apps, knowing that Smartsheet automatically saves a draft of your form. This means you can return to it later without losing your progress.

In the Recent tab, you'll find a draft version of the form you worked on and a timestamp indicating when it was last saved. This allows you to locate and access your saved drafts easily.

To clear all the entered data, you can use the Reset Form button next to the Submit button.

Take pictures and upload them

If you have editor-level or higher access on a sheet, or if you’re filling out a form with a File Upload field, you can take a picture or upload attachments directly to your sheet, row, or form submission.

After you select the files to upload, you see the file confirmation screen. Select the Menu button next to any image file in the list to rename, delete, or edit the attachment.

Select Edit from the menu to crop, rotate, or mark the image.

Scan barcodes 

Use the mobile app and the camera on your mobile device to add information to your sheet/form or to search for information by scanning a barcode.

You can scan barcodes to add data or search for existing data:

  • To add barcode information to a cell: Tap the barcodeBarcode iconthat appears in the toolbar when you select a cell or above the keyboard when you're editing it.
  • To add barcode information from a form: Tap the barcode Barcode icon located above the keyboard, while editing a form field,
  • To search Smartsheet with a barcode: Tap the barcode Barcode icon in the Search bar.

You can only scan a barcode in Text/Number fields.

The Smartsheet app supports the following barcode types:

UPC-EData Matrix

Add a link to your GPS location

  1. Select the cell or form field where you want to add the link to your location:
    • To add to a cell: Tap the locationLocation pin icon icon Location pin iconthat appears in the toolbar when you select a cell or above the keyboard when you're editing it. This allows the Smartsheet app to find your current location.
    • To add to a form fieldTap the location Location pin icon icon located above the keyboard while editing a form field.
  2. Adjust the pin on the map as needed, and tap Select.

After following the steps, the link to the selected location is added to the cell or form field. The link appears as the location's latitude and longitude. 

You can only add a link to a location in Text/Number cells and form fields.

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