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  • Smartsheet Platform

Smartsheet Mobile App: Conditional Access

With Conditional Access, you can select which devices access the Smartsheet Mobile App.


  • Smartsheet Platform
  • Smartsheet

Users must comply with your organization's Microsoft Azure Conditional Access policies in order to access the Smartsheet Mobile app.

This allows you to protect your data from being accessed from personal devices and avoid leakage of your information.

Conditional Access does not control data downloads, only restricts the devices that can access the account. 

Set up conditional access

Configure your Conditional Access from the Microsoft environment. Learn how to do this at Conditional Access in Microsoft

If you experience issues when using Conditional Access, work with your IT admin to verify that;

  • All Microsoft conditional access settings are correct.
  • Other enlightened apps are working correctly with Conditional Access.
  • All users are impacted.

If you still experience issues after this, you can reach out to Smartsheet support.


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