Differences between the desktop and mobile app

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Read on to learn what you can and can’t do on the Smartsheet mobile app.

Advantages of using the Smartsheet mobile app

There are many similarities between the mobile and desktop apps. However, you can do the following tasks on the go only when you use the mobile app:

  • Use your GPS to enter your location into a sheet or form field
  • Take a photo with your device, edit it, and upload it directly to a sheet or form submission
  • Scan a barcode or QR code to update or search for sheet data
  • Access your forms quickly from the Home or Recents screen
  • Submitting forms when offline

To learn more about the above capabilities, check out our Mobile articles.

When to use Smartsheet on your desktop

The mobile app is robust, but it has some limitations. Use the desktop app if you want to do any of the following:

Once configured, you can edit data in a report from the mobile app.