Reminders: Stay Aware of Key Dates

A reminder in Smartsheet is a type of alert that can help you and others stay informed so that you can take action on items in a sheet. Reminders are date driven: Smartsheet will send you an email reminder about sheet or a task before, on, or after a specific date.

Requirements for Creating and Editing Reminders

Use the following table as a reference for whether you can create or edit reminders for yourself and others based on sheet sharing permissions.

 OwnerAdminEditorViewerNot Shared
Create reminders for yourselfYesYesYesYesNo
Create reminders for othersYesYesNoNoNo
Edit any remindersYesYesNoNoNo
Edit reminders you createdYesYesYesYesNo
Receive remindersYesYesYesYesNo

Set Up a Reminder in your Sheet

You can create reminders based on a Date column (sheet-level) or on selected rows with a specific date (row-level).

When you set up a reminder, you’ll specify the who and the when:

  • Who—This attribute can also be associated with contacts if a Contact List column exists in the sheet.
  • When—Based on any column in the sheet that uses a Date column type or you can choose a specific date from the date picker.

Create a Reminders Based on a Date Column

To create a sheet-level reminder based on a date column:

  1. Select Alerts & Actions from the menu bar.

    If you don't see Alerts & Actions, click the down arrow icon in the upper-right of the Smartsheet window.

    The Alerts & Actions window appears. (This window will list all existing alerts and actions on your sheet.)
  2. Choose Send a reminder from the first dropdown list. 
  3. Click Next. The Reminder form appears. Enter the Who (Contact List column or shared people) and the When (Date column).
  4. Click Save.

    That’s it! Now people will receive a date-based reminder in an email message.

    Create a Reminder for Specific Rows

    To create a row-level reminder for specific rows:

    1. Select the desired rows.
    2. Right-click on one of the selected rows and click Set Reminder. The Reminder form appears.
    3. Enter the Who (shared people) and the When (specific date).
    4. Click Save.

    That's it! A bell icon bell icon appears next to each row with a scheduled reminder. The bell icon will disappear when the reminder has been sent.

    Edit, Disable, or Delete Existing Rules

    To disable a rule or change rule conditions, recipients, frequency, or columns included:

    1. Select Alerts & Actions from the Menu bar. The Alerts & Actions window appears.
    2. Click the down-arrow down-arrow in the upper-right corner of the rule you want to edit or delete.
    Use this commandTo do this
    EditRename or change the criteria for the rule.

    You can also use this command to access the Customize Email link so that you can make changes to the subject, body, or columns included.
    DeleteDelete the rule completely. (This cannot be undone.)

    Reminder Dates, Times, and Time Zones

    To make sure you're sending reminders on the days you want, keep the following in mind:

    • Only people who are shared on the sheet will receive reminders.
    • Reminders will be sent out on non-working days and holidays if they are set for those dates.
    • It is not possible to specify the time of day that a reminder is sent.
    • Reminders are sent between 12:00 AM and 4:00 AM based on the sheet owner’s time zone. For this reason, in most cases, you won’t receive a reminder on the same day that you create it. If you want to ensure that you receive a new reminder, choose a start date that occurs in the future.
    • The time zone used for Smartsheet is specified per user in the Personal Settings form. For more information about personal settings, see Adjusting Personal Settings.


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