Customize the Content of Your Alerts and Requests

In the action block of your automation workflow, select Alert someone to alert people about rows in your sheet based on the trigger and conditions set in the workflow. 

Select Set a Reminder to alert someone (in a Contact field or manually specified) on, before, or after key dates (in a date field or manually specified).

You can filter the rows based on relevant information for that reminder by adding conditions. (More on condition blocks.)

For example, an automated workflow can send an alert to someone when they are assigned to a task in your project sheet.

To do this in your automated workflow:

  1. Select Menu (upper-right corner of the action block) > Advanced options.

    Advanced options
  2. Choose which fields you’d like to have included in the alert message.

    include fields
  3. Click OK.

That’s it! Now only these fields will be included in the alert or request.

Personalize the Subject and Body of an Alert or Request

In the action block, click Customize Message to type a personalized message and provide more context on the alert or request.
Customize message

You can use {{Field Name}} in the subject or body populate data into a message; learn more here: Dynamically Add Cell Data in the Subject and Body of Alert and Request Messages.

Dynamic fields

NOTE: The body of the Custom Message is limited to 2,000 characters.