Customize the Content of Your Alerts and Requests

Applies to

- Individual
- Business
- Enterprise

In the action block of your automation workflow, you can control which fields are displayed to the recipient to ensure that they only receive information that is relevant to them. To do this for automated Alerts:

  1. Select Customize message.

    Alert Someone
  2. Under Message includes, select Links to sheet and specific fields then select the desired fields from the dropdown list.

    Message Includes
  3. That’s it! Now only these fields will be included in the alert.

    When working with Update and Approval Requests, you’ll instead want to select Menu (upper-right corner of the action block) > Advanced options to control the Field visibility.

    Advanced Options


Personalize the Subject and Body of an Alert or Request

In the action block, select Customize Message to type a personalized message and provide more context on the alert or request.

Alert Someone

If you’re working with the Alert someone action, you’ll be able to control whether or not the alert includes links to the sheet and a table of data. This can be helpful if you’re alerting people who don’t use Smartsheet.

Alert Someone

You can also use {{Field Name}} in the subject and body to populate data into a message; learn more here: Dynamically Add Cell Data in the Subject and Body of Alert and Request Messages.

Field Name

The body of the Custom Message is limited to 2,000 characters. When you select Message only, you’re required to add a custom message. Otherwise, the message body is optional.