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Configure Okta for the Smartsheet integration


  • Enterprise

In this step, you will configure Okta. You need admin permissions in Okta to complete this part of the configuration. 

  1. Log into the Okta Admin page.
  2. Navigate to Applications >All integrations and search for Smartsheet SCIM in the application catalog.  Select Smartsheet SCIM
  3. Enter an application label, for example, Smartsheet US
  4. Set your Sign-On Options.  If you are setting up SAML SSO, select View Setup Instructions towards the bottom of the pane and complete the SAML SSO configuration.
  5. On the Advanced Sign-on Settings screen, under Credential Details, select Email for the Application username format and then select Done. This email will be the user’s Smartsheet account.  
  6. You will see the setup page for the Smartsheet Integration.  Go to the Provisioning tab and select Configure API Integration
  7. Select Enable API Integration and provide the Base URL.
  8. Enter your saved API Token into the API Token field.  Select Test API Credentials to verify the token.  If everything is working as expected, you will see the following message: 
    Smartsheet SCIM was verified successfully.
  9. Select Save. On the Provisioning tab under Settings, , select To App
  10. Select Edit > Enable the features you want, then save your changes. 
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