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Prepare Smartsheet for the Okta/SCIM integration


  • Enterprise

Before you configure the integration, you must complete a few tasks in Smartsheet. You must be a licensed system administrator in Smartsheet and Okta to configure the integration.

View the setup process as a tutorial.

  1. Enable SCIM Support: You need to have SCIM provisioning for your account. Contact support to activate the feature.
  2. Validate your domain(s): Validate each domain used with Smartsheet-Okta. You must have at least one validated domain in Smartsheet. Only accounts with the primary email address on a validated domain are supported.   
  3. Generate the API token required to configure automatic user provisioning with Okta.
    Copy and save the API Access token. You will not be able to retrieve it, and you need the key to configure Okta.
    If you do not want your users to sign up for Smartsheet through UAP, turn off the UAP setting.
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