Report on Data from Multiple Sheets

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With a report, you can compile information from multiple sheets and show only items that meet the criteria you specify.

There are two types of reports available - Row Reports and Sheet Summary Reports:

  • With Row Reports, you can aggregate row information from multiple sheets. For example, you can create a report to see all incomplete tasks across multiple sheets that are assigned to you and labeled as high priority.
  • With Sheet Summary Reports, you can display summary data from multiple sheets. Sheet summary reports are a great way to get a high-level overview on multiple projects, or to highlight portfolio-level metrics in a dashboard. See Create a Portfolio View With a Sheet Summary Report for more on building a sheet summary report.

Similar to a sheet, a report can be sent, shared, and published. You can also edit, group, summarize, and sort data in a report. Note that a report is different from a sheet because no information is stored within it (instead, it displays information stored in sheets). Because of this difference, reports don't count against the sheet limit for your account.