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Licensed users with an Owner or Admin permission can use this capability.

Create Filter Criteria to Control Data in Report Builder


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Licensed users with an Owner or Admin permission can use this capability.

Open the Filter Criteria menu to add conditions that your rows must meet in order to be displayed in your report.

Adjust Logical Operators Between Conditions and Filter Groups

The filter on your report is comprised of multiple filter groups which contain the conditions that rows must meet. Each condition defines the acceptable values within a column for a given row.

Select Add a Condition to add criteria to a filter group. To delete a condition, hover over it to expose the menu icon to the right, then select Delete Condition.

Delete Condition

To create a new filter group, select New Filter Group. You must add at least two filter criteria before you can add additional filter groups.

If you want to move a condition to a different filter group, you can use the menu or hover over the condition to click and drag it using the dark blue section to the left.

Click and Drag Conditions

To the right of your conditions and filter groups, select the And or Or buttons to control whether all conditions and filter groups must be met (And) or if only one of the conditions or filter groups must be met (Or).

And Or Conditions

In the above example, the displayed rows will show the assignee’s currently open tasks as well as any open and unassigned tasks that are marked as urgent.

- When working with complex filters, consider adding and removing conditions and groups one at a time, refreshing the report between changes to validate that the results appear as expected.

- If you are seeing more results than you think you should be, try turning your Or operator into an And. If you are seeing less results than you expect, then try turning your And operator into an Or.

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