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Working with source sheets in reports


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Licensed users with an Owner or Admin permission can use this capability.

When you build your report, the first step is selecting your source sheets. On a new report, the source sheets selection window is open by default; if you're editing a report, select the sheet option from the navigation bar.

Sheets that you have created or that have been shared with you are available from this list. You can find sheets by scrolling or by typing into the source sheets search bar.

An image of the Sheet tab

You must select at least one sheet, folder, or workspace from the sheet tab before the other options (Columns to Display, Filter Criteria, Group, Summarize, Sort) become available in the report builder.

Tips for working with source sheets in reports

  • If you select a folder, new sheets added to that folder after you've selected it won't be included in your report. To include newly added sheets, remove the folder from the sheet tab then add it back. Use a workspace if you want your report to always include new sheets. 
  • Formatting (cell, font color, background color, bold text, and so on) in a report is based on the formatting in the source sheet.
  • Row hierarchies from the source sheet aren't displayed in reports.
  • Cells containing formulas can't be modified from a report; you must modify them in the source sheet.
  • Pulling a lot of data into a report can increase load times. Add filters to your report to reduce the data and decrease load times. Learn more about report criteria

Working with start and end dates in reports

You can't edit End Dates for rows in underlying sheets in the report because they are calculated automatically based on the dependency settings. Edit the Start Date and Duration in the source sheet to automatically recalculate the End Date.

You can't edit the Start Date of a task-driven by a predecessor from a report. You can instead change the Start Date or Duration of the predecessor task to automatically recalculate the dates associated with dependent tasks.

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