Summarize Content to Extract Key Information with Report Builder

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

With Summaries, you can quickly extract key information from your report in just a few clicks, using functions to calculate totals for the whole report and each grouping. In the example below, we see a Count of Row IDs or total requests, a Count of Urgent requests, and a Sum of Hours spent working on requests:

Calculate Summaries

Select the Summarize tab to open the Summary settings, and choose the fields you’d like to summarize. Once a field is chosen, choose how you’d like to summarize the field using the dropdown on the right.

Summarize Tab

The summary options for each field will vary based on the column type.

  • Symbol: Count
  • Text/Number: Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max
  • Date: First, Last, Count
  • Dropdown (Single Select): Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max
  • Contact: Count
  • Checkbox: Count
  • Autonumber/System: Count