Configure Grouping to Organize Results in Report Builder

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

With Grouping, you can combine similar values into groups, so rows can be organized into logical categories or classifications. You can add up to three groups per report. In the example below, rows are grouped by the Urgent flag, then by the Status:

Configure Grouping

Select the Group tab to open the grouping settings, and choose the fields you’d like to group by:

Group Tab

For each field, control whether you want the groups to be sorted in ascending or descending order. Use the Collapse or Expand groups icons to control the default state of groups when the report is loaded or refreshed. You can expand or collapse specific groups by selecting the arrow next to a grouping label. To expand or collapse all rows, right-click the primary column to select Expand All or Collapse All.

Collapse or Expand

Tips and tricks for grouping

Columns with multiple selections, multi-select drop-downs, or contact lists allowing multiple contacts to be assigned to a task cannot be selected for groupings. 

If your report has over 2,500 rows, grouping will automatically be collapsed. To expand the groups, ensure that the report has fewer than 2,500 rows that meet the report criteria.

When rows are grouped, the primary column will automatically be placed in the left-most position.

If you print or export the report, only the base rows will be captured.