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Track Package

Use this module in workflows to reference a tracking ID and get the status of the shipment back. 


Track Package Fields

  • Tracking ID: reference to the tracking ID

Track Package ID

Track Package Returned Data


  • Response
    • Code: a response code from UPS
    • Description: the description of the response, e.g. Success or Failure
    • Transaction Reference
  • Shipment: Shipment data if successfully found. If unsuccessful a ‘Fault’ object is returned with information about the error e.g. ‘Invalid Tracking Number;
    • Inquiry Number: information about the reference sent to UPS e.g. a ‘shipment identification number’
      • Code
      • Description
      • Value
    • Shipper Number: The account number of the sender
    • Shipment Address: An array of various addresses involved in the shipment e.g. ‘Shipper Address’ or ‘Ship To Address’
      • Code: A UPS code for the type of address
      • Description: Description of the type of address
      • Address Line
      • City
      • State or Province Code
      • Postal Code
      • Country Code
    • Shipment Weight
      • Unit of Measurement
      • Weight
    • Service: information about the UPS service type e.g. UPS Ground
      • Code
      • Description
    • Pickup Date
    • Package: information about the package(s) in the shipment
      • Tracking Number
      • Package Service Option
      • Activity: an array of activity information where each ‘stage’ of the shipment counts as an activity. The first entry is the most recent activity.
        • Activity Location: address information about where the activity took place
        • Status: The status of the shipment, at the given activity. E.g. ‘Order Processed: Ready for UPS’ or ‘Delivered’
        • Date: Date the activity occurred
        • Time: Time the activity occurred
      • Package Weight
        • Unit of Measurement
        • Weight
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