WorkApps overview

Applies to

  • Enterprise
Smartsheet Advance Package


Who can use this capability

Anyone who's been invited can use a WorkApp. You must have a Smartsheet Advance plan to create and edit WorkApps

People who are shared to a WorkApp will be able to view and use the app as per the roles assigned to them by the app builder.

WorkApps is a no-code tool you can use to create dynamic applications. It’s useful if you have Smartsheet files you need to share with stakeholders who aren’t Smartsheet users on a daily basis. 

You can build a WorkApp from scratch or use any of these available templates:

  • Construction management
  • Meeting management
  • Project launch 
  • Project schedule
  • Ticketing system

When to use WorkApp

Create a WorkApp if you need to streamline your work. For example, you need your stakeholders to have access to different Smartsheet files. But they don’t need to have access to the same Smartsheet features you enjoy (workspaces, etc.). You can create a WorkApp where you can place all the files you need your stakeholders to access. 

What you can add in a WorkApp

When you create a WorkApp, you can place the following files in it:

  • Sheets
  • Reports
  • Forms
  • Dashboards
  • External contents such as Tableau dashboards or Google Docs

After adding Smartsheet files to your WorkApp pages, you can start managing stakeholder permissions.

WorkApps availability and requirements

Plan type and license

You have to be a licensed user on an Enterprise Plan.

Only licensed users on this plan can build a WorkApp. Once they build a WorkApp, they can share it with a licensed user on any Smartsheet plan (internal or external to your company) at no additional cost.

To share WorkApps with unlicensed users or free collaborators, an additional purchase (WorkApps collaborator pack) is required. For more information about how to purchase a WorkApps Collaborator pack, contact Smartsheet Sales.

System requirements

You can build apps using WorkApps on your desktop. Once you build it, you can share it with collaborators for use on both desktop and mobile.