WorkApps: Collaborate and streamline your work

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With WorkApps, you can create dynamic applications to help coworkers and stakeholders easily access and review Smartsheet content such as sheets, reports, forms, dashboards, and external content like Tableau dashboards or Google Docs that streamline your work and simplify collaboration. You can manage stakeholder permissions to each item within the app, helping them stay organized with the most relevant content and information. You can personalize the app with your company’s branding.

Who can use this capability?

WorkApps is included for licensed users of Enterprise and Premier plans.  Licensed users in these plans can build WorkApps.  Once built, WorkApps can be shared to a licensed user on any Smartsheet plan, internal or external to your company, at no additional cost.

To share WorkApps with unlicensed users or free collaborators, an additional purchase (WorkApps collaborator pack) is required. For more information about how to purchase a WorkApps Collaborator pack, please contact Smartsheet Sales.

Where can I use this capability?

You can build your custom apps using WorkApps on your desktop. This can be shared to your collaborators for use in both desktop and mobile.

What are some of the ways you can use WorkApps?

Here are three ways we think you’ll love using WorkApps:

  1. Program management has never been easier. Create an app with your forms, sheets and more in one location, making it easier for your coworkers to find, make, and track requests while giving your team one central location to assign and accomplish their work.
  2. Real-time updates right from the jobsite. Package your program forms together in one place, so your on-site teams can access and update their information whether on their mobile device or back at the office.
  3. Manage the flow of marketing content creation. Create a WorkApp with roles for your content requesters, UX designers, copywriters, and marketing project leads so the entire team can keep work moving — all from one place.