Brand and Publish Your WorkApp

Applies to

Smartsheet Advance Package

Once you’ve configured the roles, you’ll need to publish the app and add collaborators and stakeholders to each role so that your team can start using the app.

Before publishing your app, it’s a good idea to configure the your organization’s branding by selecting the paint roller icon .

Click on Restore all to default to set all your branding to the default branding options provided by Smartsheet. 

Click on Edit to help you resize your images or select a new image.

Publish your App

You can view the publish status of your app under your App name when you have the app opened or in the WorkApps Home .

Publish Changes

Initially, this status will show as Draft.

To publish your app, select the Publish button in the top-right corner.



Optionally, select Manage People to add collaborators to roles in the Add People window:

Add People

You can also open the Add People window by selecting the collaborators icon  . 

As an App Builder, you are added to all the roles automatically. You can preview the app to see how people in this role would view it. For example, if you add a sheet to an app, this sheet will be added to all roles in viewer mode, and will add you as owner to these roles. When you view the app for each of the roles, this sheet will only be shown in viewer mode though you are the app builder/owner.

Select the role you want to assign people to, then enter the names (if they are in your contact list), email addresses, and contact groups you want to assign. Select Add when you’re done. You can also remove people from this tab.

Once you’ve published your app and added people to roles, those people will be able to access the app from Smartsheet or through the App Link which you can find by selecting Publish again:

Publish Again


  • Once published, you cannot unpublish the app. You will need to either delete all of the roles, remove people from all of the roles, or delete the app.
  • If you make structural changes (e.g. added/deleted new pages or roles, updated app branding) to the app after you’ve published it, you’ll need to Publish Changes to make those changes visible to end-users.
  • If you made any page permissions changes such as change a sheet page permission from viewer to editor for a role or added /deleted people from a role, you will not have to republish the app to make the changes available to your end user. Think of this similar to being able to share a Smartsheet sheet to a user or change the permission level for a given user for an already shared sheet.
  • You can view the published changes in the desktop by clicking View Live App or by copying the link in this modal, and pasting it in your browser window. You can also view the published app using the Smartsheet mobile app. Once an app is published it's made available automatically on both desktop and on Smartsheet mobile app. For more information about how to use WorkApps on mobile, see Interact with WorkApps from Mobile.