Create and Edit a WorkApp

Applies to

Smartsheet Advance Package


Who can use this capability

Any licensed user in a qualified plan can build a WorkApp (see the Smartsheet Plans page for more information).

Any Smartsheet user type can view a WorkApp that’s been shared to them. People who are shared to a work app will be able to view and use the app as per the roles assigned to them by the app builder.  

You'll start creating a WorkApp from the builder. To get there from Smartsheet, select the plus icon from the left rail and select Create > WorkApps. (Or, navigate directly to and log in with your Smartsheet credentials.)

Create a WorkApp

From WorkApps home, do the following to get to the builder:

  1. Select + Create app from the upper-right corner of the page.
  2. Choose a template or start from scratch.
    If you choose to use a template, click Getting Started to for instructions about how to use it.

Create app

You can change the name of the app by clicking on Untitled App.

Name WorkApp

You’ll be taken to the WorkApps builder where you can begin adding pages and tailoring the application to your stakeholders needs. 

When you go through the app, you'll be guided through the steps to create your app. 

Guided Experience

To revisit the Guided Experience, click ? and select Tour WorkApps.

Tour WorkApps

Edit a WorkApp

To edit an existing app, navigate to and select the app you’d like to edit.

You can also select the menu icon to delete the app, or view the live app if you’ve already published it.

Menu Icon

Any changes you make in the builder are automatically saved if you exit the WorkApp. It is then set to Draft mode.

To exit the builder and select a different app to edit, select the WorkApps Home icon

Add and Edit Pages

  1. Select the Pages icon from the left rail to open the Pages section of the app builder.

    This is where you can add, delete, and edit pages that are included in your application.
  2. Use the Add Pages menu on the left of the window, to add Smartsheet Content (such as sheets, reports, and dashboards), Smartsheet Forms, and Web Content.

Add Pages

Added pages will appear on the left side under Current Pages.

Rename or remove a page

Hover over any page name and select the menu icon to rename or remove it.

All pages will be added with Viewer permission by default.

Current Pages

Add a form or external web content

Forms are not searchable in the builder. To add a form, click Add Pages > Smartsheet form, and paste the URL of the form into the Smartsheet Form Link box.

You can embed the same list of external web content as Dashboards in WorkApps. (To learn more about what can be added to the WorkApp, see Embed Content from Outside Sources.)

Adjust Page Settings

With any page selected under Current Pages, select the Page Settings icon at the top-right to open the Page Settings panel. 

Most pages will only display only the page source; however, there are additional settings available for sheet pages. For sheet pages, you can control the following:

  • The default page view You can specify which view is used when the  sheet is opened in the WorkApp on desktop (Grid View or Card View) and in the mobile Android and iOS apps (Mobile View or Grid View).
  • Filter settings You can apply a saved default filter to help collaborators see key information first. You can also change your Card View settings such as Level, and View By.