Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise
Smartsheet Advance Package


Who can use this capability

  • System Admin
  • Owner
  • Admin

Data Shuttle use cases

Create an upload workflow to connect an external data source and upload, edit, and write it to Smartsheet.


  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • Smartsheet Advance Package


  • System Admin
  • Owner
  • Admin

To use Data Shuttle:

  • You must be a user with Owner, Admin, or Editor permissions on the target sheet
  • You must have Data Shuttle Premium Application permissions enabled in User Management by your System Admin.

To check your access level, log in at


Data Shuttle by Smartsheet allows you to make confident decisions, centralize your data across platforms, automate routine business processes, and operate efficiently. In this article, you’ll find a few use cases or examples of how you can use Data Shuttle uploads and offloads. 

Data Shuttle for combined upload and offload

  • Get processed data out of Smartsheet to be imported into other data analysis tools, CRM, or other systems of record.
  • Upload data from multiple sources, combine target sheets, and push results as an attachment to another sheet.
  • Build processes that rely on a complex flow of data coming into and out of Smartsheet. 

Data Shuttle for uploads

For uploads Data Shuttle requires data downloaded in CSV, XLSX, or Google Sheet format.

You can Create an upload workflow in Data Shuttle to do the following:

  • Import actual hours worked from an external time-tracking tool.
  • Import actual expenses from an external accounting system.
  • Update delivery sales pipeline from a non-SFDC CRM tool.
  • Merge data from an external system into an intake sheet to drive Control Center provisioning.
  • Import data into Smartsheet from custom form-building tools.

Data Shuttle for offloads

You can use Data Shuttle to offload data as an attachment to a Smartsheet sheet or an external cloud source (OneDrive/SharePoint, Google Drive, or Box).

Create an offload workflow in Data Shuttle to do the following:

  • Display key Smartsheet information to users who don't use Smartsheet.
  • Export complex data in a simple structure for database ingests. 
  • Make sheet summaries available weekly in a cloud storage system to be sent as an email attachment.
  • Send modified, filtered sheet data as an attachment to another sheet for complex solution building.  
  • Export, archive, and audit data by keeping exported versions as backups.
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