Bridge Utilities

Bridge Utilities

Utilities for Bridge by Smartsheet

Utilities consist of modules that let you interact with the data in a workflow. 

Bridge utilities: Date/Time

Parse, validate, manipulate, and format human readable or machine readable dates and/or times in Bridge.

Bridge utilities: Delay

The Delay utility requires you to enter one the following fields: Delay: the seconds you want to wait until Bridge executes the next step of your work...

Bridge utilities: Data Storage

With the Data Storage utility, you can store and retrieve data against a user, a workflow run, or globally as required.<

Configure the Call API tool

The Call API tool allows you to manage public API calls you make across your automation workflows in Bridge....

String Tools Overview

Enhancing text with string tools

Bridge utilities: Math

With Bridge math modules, you can manipulate simple values to change them as required within the flow of a conversation.

Bridge utilities: Array Management

 Array management for tailored data manipulation

Understanding Key Management

Understanding Key Management

Bridge utilities: Add Entity

Set the value of a state using data you bring into the workflow with the Add Entity utility.

Bridge utilies: Key Management Utility

With the key management modules, you can set, get, and delete keys applied to the current user or request.

Date/Time Reference Guide

This article describes the data returned by most of the Date/Time modules....


Bridge utilities: JavaScript

Write simple JavaScript functions within a workflow.

JavaScript module reference

Run ScriptUse this module to write JavaScript functions and fire up the function(s) you wrote....