Bridge Advanced Capabilities

Bridge Advanced Capabilities

Bridge: Schedule workflow runs

You can use fixed schedules to automate daily reminders or a weekly creation of tasks....

Customize Trigger names in your workflow

Give your triggers customized names, so you are able to tell them apart when working with more than one.

Creating a loop in a workflow

Learn how to create a loop in a Bridge workflow.

Troubleshoot workflows with Run Log

The Run Log contains all the Runs of a workflow.

Use child workflows to manage complex processes

Manage your workflows better by breaking up a large automated process into multiple, smaller workflows. 

Set up states in the workflow

Learn how to set up states in your Bridge workflow.

Inbound Webhooks

Inbound webhooks utility function

The Inbound Webhook Utility is currently only compatible with JSON payload objects....

Inbound webhooks reference

With the webhook request URL, you can make a POST request to start a Bridge workflow....