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Use child workflows to manage complex processes


  • Bridge by Smartsheet

You can manage your workflows better by breaking up a large automated process into multiple, smaller workflows. 

The Run Child Workflow module is a way to reference one or more child workflows from a parent workflow. When this module is added, the parent workflow will pause and wait for the specified child workflow to return its output value before continuing.

You can also use child workflows when you have multiple starting points that end with the same process. In this case, you'll create multiple parent workflows that trigger the same child workflow before continuing or ending.

To create a parent-child workflow

  1. Open the parent workflow. 
  2. Drag the Run Child Workflow module to the workflow builder. 
  3. In the dialog that appears, give a name to the child workflow you added. 
  4. In the Child workflow name list, select the name of the child workflow which the parent workflow should trigger. 
  5. Save this workflow.

A screenshot of the parent-child workflow

To check if you’ve successfully added the child workflow

  1. In the workflow builder, select the child workflow you want to check. 
  2. Select its Trigger

You’ll see the name of the parent workflow listed in the Triggers pane. The child workflow will now be triggered each time the parent workflow fires up.

An screenshot of the Trigger pane of the child workflow


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