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Bridge by Smartsheet

Customize Trigger Names in your Workflow


  • Bridge by Smartsheet

Bridge workflows can have many triggers at once. For example, events on multiple sheets can trigger the same workflow, or a workflow can run on a schedule and also trigger from changes made in another system.

When you have multiple triggers of the same type, the basic information automatically displayed in the trigger panel may not be enough to tell them apart. 

To make this easier, you can give some triggers a friendly name. 

How to set up a friendly trigger name

The triggers you can give a friendly name to are:

  • Smartsheet Triggers
  • Resource Management Triggers
  • Inbound Webhooks

To create a friendly trigger name:

  1. Navigate to the integration set up page and find the icon for the trigger you want to create a trigger for.
    If you have already set up the trigger previously, you can access the same popup by clicking on the cog next to the trigger type in the workflow’s Trigger Panel.
    Custom trigger name
  2. Create a new trigger or find the one you created previously and expand it.

  3. Select the field called Trigger Name.

  4. Enter a name in the field and click Save in the pop up.

That’s it! You now have a friendly trigger name for your workflow.

Custom trigger name 2


  • If you don’t see any trigger names in your workflows’ trigger panel it might be because you haven’t given them a name yet. The Trigger Name will only appear in the panel if there is a name to display.
  • If you have given a trigger a name and it doesn’t appear in the panel when you save it might help to refresh the web page while holding down the shift key on your keyboard. This reloads the page ignoring any cached content and should refresh the trigger panel with the most up to date information.
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