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Bridge by Smartsheet

Troubleshoot workflows with Run Log

The Run Log contains all the Runs of a workflow. It gives you access to run statuses, run times, and data contained in the workflow.


  • Bridge by Smartsheet

The Run Log is found in the Designer, to the right of the workflow. It is a useful tool to help you troubleshoot existing workflows and build new ones.

You can also quickly copy data values or data references from here.

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Run Log

The panel shows a list of each run, documenting the run's current status and the time the workflow started executing. You can select a specific run to understand which steps were executed within it. All times shown are UTC time zone. 

Use the filter at the top left to see only Stopped, Waiting, In Progress, or Completed runs.

Reference data from a Run Log

You can use the Run Log to update the referenced data in a module:

  1. Trigger the workflow to run as far as it can. 
  2. Open the run in the Run Log and expand the step where the data was collected. 
  3. Next to the data object, expand the dropdown from the three dots and copy the reference to the data or the actual value.

Identify the cause for a stopped run

If a run was stopped because of an error, when you select the run, the failed module step is automatically expanded to display the error that occurred.

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Run Log

For example, the workflow shown at the start of this guide is triggered by new rows added to a sheet in Smartsheet. The error in the image above tells us that the Get Row module couldn't execute since the Sheet field hasn't been set.

To solve this: 

  1. Expand the Trigger step and find the sheetID. This is the new row that was added to the sheet.
  2. Next to it, select Copy Data Reference in the dropdown. 
  3. You can now go to the setup panel of the Get Row module and paste in the reference to the Sheet ID.
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Run Log


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