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Creating a loop in a workflow


  • Bridge by Smartsheet

In some cases, you might want to create a loop in a Bridge workflow.

Usually, you need to build a workflow that should be repeated for many items, such as many rows in a sheet or many records in another system.

Both can be solved in Bridge but in different ways.

How to create a loop in a workflow

Sometimes a trigger will cause a workflow to run for multiple items at once. For example, you might want a workflow to run on a regular schedule to update multiple rows in a sheet.

To achieve this: 

  1. Create a parent workflow triggered by the schedule and programmed to collect all the rows needed. 
  2. Add the Run Child Workflow module
  3. Enter the name of the workflow you want to run once for each row collected.
  4. In the Number of Runs field, specify the number of times to run the child workflow. 
    • If you leave this field blank, the child workflow will run once. 
    • If you enter the reference to an array of data, the child workflow will be run once for each entry in the array.

To reference the array data in the child workflow

  1. Go to the Run Log
  2. Expand the Trigger data.
    A screenshot of the Trigger objects in the Run Log


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