Set up states in the workflow

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet

States act like data collectors in Bridge workflows. They collect data from the workflow itself and from the trigger/module data brought into the workflow from other systems.

To add states

Before you begin

It’s good practice to add a state before each module in the workflow.

For most automation workflows, these are the only steps you need to do. Leave the other fields blank:

  1. Drag a New State element to the workflow builder.
    An image showing where you can find the New State element
  2. Assign a name to the new state.
    Name the state according to the part of the process it precedes.

State fields

If you are designing a chat-based workflow, use most of the State fields:

  • Name: Assign the name you want to give your state.
    This is the only mandatory setting.
  • Question: Enter the question you want to ask the user.
    • This field pauses the workflow and waits for the user’s response. 
  • Retry Help: Provide a response to the user if they fail to answer the question with an expected response. 
  • Values to Check For: Add a list of specific values to check for in the user’s response to your question. 
  • Answer: Input a final answer to the user’s response. 
  • Output: Copy the data reference in this field to reference the output of this state in other stages of your workflow. 

If you want to provide a return response without stopping the workflow, type that text as part of a subsequent state's Question.