How to get Smartsheet IDs

For some workflows you’ll create in Bridge, you’ll need to get IDs for elements in Smartsheet (e.g., sheets, rows, columns)....

Get started with Bridge

Go to the Bridge login page. Every Bridge account has a unique login page....

Set up and administrate your Bridge account

If your organization doesn’t have a Bridge account, contact your Smartsheet sales team, who can create one for you....

Use the Designer to Build a Workflow

The designer is where you create your workflows in Bridge....

Route workflows with junctions

Include junctions in Bridge to route your workflow in different directions based on specific criteria.

Start your Bridge workflows with triggers

Use an integration trigger to have your Bridge workflow start in response to something, e.g. when a column value changes on a row....

Reference data in the workflow

There are a few locations where data gets stored in Bridge: The runtime is where trigger data from an integration is stored....

Bridge system requirements and key integrations

Integrations allow you to connect Bridge to other systems.

Bridge: Key concepts and terminologies

As you get started using Bridge by Smartsheet, having a basic understanding of key concepts and terminology will help you get up to speed

Help Resources for Bridge by Smartsheet

As you’re getting up to speed with Bridge, you’ll likely have questions. Here's a collection of resources that can help you.

Bridge: Workflow overview and examples

A workflow is Bridge by Smartsheet’s core feature....