Bridge: Workflow Overview and Examples

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet


Who can use this capability

People with a Bridge account can create, view, edit, and delete workflows, workspaces, integration authentications, and manage users.

Bridge is available for purchase with an Enterprise Smartsheet plan.

With workflows, Bridge by Smartsheet helps you automate business processes. Reduce time spent on any manual or repetitive task by re-creating it in Bridge. Then, configure Bridge to run the task based on some action or event that triggers the need for the activity. A workflow allows you to do this with a single task or with a series of them.

Workflow Basics

There are two ways to use workflows:

  • They can be completely automated by integrating with business systems only.

  • They can include human interaction as part of the process by integrating with various chat-based tools.

Workflows can also vary in complexity. For example, a workflow may simply alert someone when a certain change occurs, or it can gather information from many sources, manipulate and evaluate the information gathered, and drive decisions and outcomes.

Here are some examples of how Bridge workflows can help.

Example 1: Project Routing

Trigger a Bridge workflow when a new project is created in the system used for project tracking. Use Bridge to assign to the relevant and available team lead based on the type of project, automatically create a project in your time tracking system and trigger personalized project kick-off emails to the customer and other people involved.

Potential integrations: Smartsheet, Marketo and Harvest

Example 2: Survey Bot

During conferences or events, use Bridge to broadcast a survey through a chat platform to the whole group or to subsets of attendees. Use a common survey tool to send the survey and gather the responses or create your surveys in Smartsheet and save the responses in an intake sheet.

Potential integrations: Smartsheet and Workplace

Example 3: Expose Comments

When monitoring the high-level status of projects or jobs, make it easy to review the latest status for all items by exposing the most recent row comment in a cell on the row.

Required integration: Smartsheet

Example 4: Weather Updates

Connect Bridge to a weather alerting service to get real-time weather warnings. When an alert occurs, Bridge can access your project management tool or a sheet in Smartsheet where you track the location of projects and construction staff present, and it can pass on the warning only to those in the impacted area.

Potential integrations: Smartsheet, Google Geocode, Dark Sky