Bridge: Workflow overview and examples

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet


Who can use this capability

People with a Bridge account can create, view, edit, and delete workflows, workspaces, integration authentications, and manage users.

Bridge is available for purchase with an Enterprise Smartsheet plan.

A workflow is Bridge by Smartsheet’s core feature. With it, you can:

  • Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks
  • Gather data across platforms and provide actionable insights

How a Bridge workflow functions

Bridge workflows are like the workflows in the Smartsheet app. They start running once they detect the triggers you identified. Then, a series of actions will happen based on the conditions you set. 

However, Bridge workflows aren’t limited to the activities happening within the Smartsheet app. They can be more complex. You can connect Bridge workflows with different platforms outside Smartsheet to complete your business processes. 

Here are some use cases for Bridge workflows.

Example 1: Project routing

Trigger a Bridge workflow when a new project is created in your project-tracking system. Use Bridge to: 

  • Assign the project to the appropriate and available team lead, based on the project type
  • Create a project in your time-tracking system 
  • Send personalized project kick-off emails to project stakeholders

Potential integrations: 

Example 2: Expose comments

Monitor high-level status of projects or jobs. Create a Bridge workflow that alerts you and sends you the most recent row comment in a cell on the row.

Required integration: Smartsheet

Example 3: Weather updates

Connect Bridge to a weather-alerting service to get real-time weather warnings. When an alert occurs, Bridge can access your project management tool or a sheet in Smartsheet where you track the location of projects and construction staff present. Once Bridge identifies those in the impacted area, it can pass on the warning to them.

Potential integrations: