Initiate a Workflow with Triggers

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet

Triggers are what initiates a workflow, and there are a few different ways you can use them.

Integration triggers

Some of the integrations available in Bridge can act as workflow triggers. To enable these, navigate to the Integrations page in Bridge and follow the steps to authenticate and setup the integration.

The following integrations can be used to trigger a workflow:

Currently only set up Smartsheet triggers are visible in the designer's trigger panel.

Parent Workflows

Workflows can be set up to trigger other workflows. We call these parent and child workflows. A workflow can have one or more parents and one or more children. 

Create a parent/child relationship:

  1. Open the parent workflow and add the Run Child Workflow module. 
  2. In this module’s setup panel, set the name of the child workflow it should trigger under Child Workflow Name
  3. Save this workflow.

Now if you navigate to the child workflow and click on its Trigger, you will see the name of the parent workflow listed in the Trigger panel. Learn more about parent and child workflows here: Use Child Workflows to Manage Complex Processes

Trigger Phrases

If your workflow is chat-based, you can define phrases that trigger your workflow.

  1. Click on the Trigger element at the top of your workflow to see the trigger panel. 
  2. Expand the section called Phrases and add one or more words or phrases that should trigger your workflow. 

NOTE: You can use Contexts or Regular Expressions - RegEx in addition to plain text.

Triggers using phrases

Scheduled Triggers

You can make a workflow trigger another workflow, or itself, on a regular cadence by using the module Schedule Start Conversation.

Manual Triggers

There may be times when you want to trigger a workflow manually:

  1. Open the workflow in the designer. 
  2. Click on the chat bubble in the top bar, second from the right.
  3. Click on the play button in the window that opens up.
    NOTE: You can also start a workflow with a trigger phrase from here.

Inbound Webhooks

If Bridge is not integrated with a 3rd party tool that you would like to use to trigger workflows, you can define these triggers yourself. 

  1. Navigate to the Integrations Page.
  2. Find the Inbound Webhooks icon.
  3. Fill in the required information.

You will first need to make sure that the other system offers relevant webhooks associated with the trigger events you'd like to use and that this system does not require validation of webhook endpoints.